Our Founder

Barbara Perley lived most of her life in Boxford, Massachusetts. She loved the town, its residents and a lifestyle that was full of purpose and learning. Barbara and her sister Bertha, who was the town librarian, lived on Main Street until Bertha’s death. Neither sister ever married but they lived a mannerly lifestyle in a home filled from floor to ceiling with books.

    Barbara held many positions in town government, such as Town Accountant, Assistant Assessor and Assistant Town Clerk. She was appointed in the days when the rural village of Boxford had only 500 residents, but by the time she retired the population had burgeoned to approximately 4000 people. Her career spanned many years, from l938 until l972.

    Miss Perley’s goal was to provide ”financial aid to those children who need such assistance to pursue a college or vocational, technical or trade school education, and who are determined by the Trustees from time to time to be in need and have ability and are deserving of such assistance.” The Barbara Perley Scholarship Fund was created in l989 as a bequest from her will.

The Scholarship Fund

    Annual scholarship awards are based on the student’s financial need, length of residency in Boxford and his/her deserving academic effort. These scholarships are granted only to Boxford residents and must be applied to post secondary schools such as college, vocational/technical or trade school endeavors. Recipients must have financial need, academic ability and recognition for school and community service.

    Awards are for one school year, and applicants are encouraged to reapply as they progress through their educational goals up to four years. The Directors grant up to 5 new scholarships yearly and many Boxford students have benefited from Miss Perley’s foresight and kindness.

Annual Scholarship Recipients

Current recipients' names are posted in the Boxford Town Library.

Barbara Perley Scholarship Board:

Barbara Was, Tricia Benson, Marci Miller, Carol Davis, Carolyn Miller, Michelle Amato, Karen Hussey, Lisa Novack, Anita Korzo, Kim Holiday, Kelly Blanchette